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In today’s changing work environment, the new Sentry File On Cloud provides the flexibility you need

The nature of the workplace is changing rapidly. The days when your team was all in one space and resources were just a few cubicles away are being replaced with remote offices, work from home scenarios, office sharing and scalable work spaces that adjust to current needs. These days it doesn’t always make sense to build-out and constantly maintain office-based document management infrastructure when cloud-based solutions are available.

We recognize the need for more flexible systems and have introduced Sentry File On Cloud to address the needs of the modern workplace, wherever that may be. With Sentry File On Cloud there is no need to have your own servers or on premises back-up, and you’re always up-to-date. Everything you need is right there in your browser, and with the same great feature sets you expect from Sentry File paired with easy search functionality and uploading.

With Sentry File you also eliminate the equipment and maintenance costs that can sometimes be unpredictable with an on premises system. You pay a convenient monthly subscription and we take care of the rest.

Sentry File On Cloud is a significant step forward for the Advent ECM product, which represents the integration of document and content management with Advent's criminal justice technology platforms.

For Advent eLearning, ECM integration will allow for more efficient management of diversion and alternate sentencing cases, including the ability to manage contracts and agreements, court documents, defendant communications, and other documents used in these criminal justice processes.

For the Pay My Jailer incarceration fee recovery service, Advent ECM allows jailers and Sheriff’s departments to maintain a central repository of all communications in the fee recovery process, including fee statements and letters. And with Sentry File's Compliance Cabinet functionality, detention managers have a central repository for policy and procedure documents to aid in audits, accreditations, and staff training.

If your organization is ready for the convenience of the cloud, please contact your Advent sales representative or send us an email at to learn more about Sentry File On Cloud.

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