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We Team With The Best


In today's competitive economy, strategic partner relationships are very important to long term success. Sentry File recognizes the importance of partner relationships and is dedicated to providing a profitable value proposition for partners.


The application process involves three simple steps.

Step one is a partner application. This is where we learn a bit more about your organization. You will simply need to fill in a quick 5 minute form. Once we receive your form, we will evaluate your organizations offerings to see if you are a good match for Sentry File.

Step two, if you seem to be a good match for Sentry File, we will send you a partner information package that outlines the benefits of becoming a Sentry File partner. You can evaluate the materials and determine if Sentry File is a good match for your organizational goals.

Step three, after evaluating the package if you choose to become a Sentry File partner simply complete the partner agreement and fax it to us. Once received, we will email you a username/password for our secure partner extranet. From there you can begin using the Sentry File partner materials, purchase products at a discount and communicate with other partners to find new market niches and synergies.

Ready?...If you're ready to get started, just share a little information with us and we'll contact you to explore partnership opportunities.

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