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How to choose a Sentry File Document Management System

In today’s digital world, it’s hard to find a company that hasn’t been affected by the trend towards digitalization. No business can avoid the digital transformation which is one of the leading reasons why document management systems are so popular. As new operating systems, file types, and software become more common, it becomes harder for companies to keep track of their documents. Document management systems are a solution for this problem. They help you organize your documents and files in an easy-to-use way so you can find what you need whenever you need it.

What is a Document Management System?

In a nutshell, a document management system is an application that helps you manage your documents and files online. You can use it to find specific information in your documents, share them with others, and even digitize them so they’re searchable and accessible online. You can use a document management system to keep track of everything from business cards to contracts with e-signatures.

The Sentry File Document Management System

The Sentry File document management system allows you to select from a number of solutions, each designed to deliver the most affordable and user-friendly option depending on the size of your organization.

Sentry File allows you to integrate paper documents and electronic documents into an online filing system. It has all the tools that today's digital office demands, in a single, web-based package. Quickly create a complete digital library of all your important business documents.

Easily integrate your paper documents by using any Twain, Scan-To-Email, Scan-To-FTP or Scan-To-Folder compatible scanning devices. Upload electronic files such as Microsoft Office, Audio, Video and virtually any other file format. Sentry File simplifies management with an ultra-intuitive graphic user interface.

Professional and Small Business Editions excel at meeting the needs of small and midsize businesses that want to protect valuable paper-based documentation at an affordable price. The highly scalable Sentry File Corporate and Enterprise Editions are ideal for large organizations that want a simple and effective way to distribute documentation across the office, or across the world.

Choose the Right Installation for Your Business

There are four different versions of Sentry File available for download including:

Sentry File Professional Edition. This solution provides all the basics to get you started at a very attractive price.

Sentry File Small Business Edition: Designed for a small business or as a departmental solution in a larger organization. Sentry File Small business includes all the essentials of a document management system at a very attractive price.

Sentry File Corporate Edition: Designed with additional productivity features to ease the management of a large number of users and add features that will increase efficiencies in a larger organization.

Sentry File Enterprise Edition: Optimized for enterprise-wide document management tasks. Includes features that will allow Sentry File to scale up to even the largest sized organization's needs.

Connect with a Sentry File dealer

If you’re ready to experience all the benefits of a document management system without all the hassle of complicated interfaces at a cost your organization can afford, click here. Use our contact form to provide us with some brief information, and we’ll connect you with a Sentry File dealer today.

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