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System Requirements

SentryFile is an ASP.net (Active Server Pages) application. It runs on a Microsoft Windows platform and uses the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft Index Server. Both IIS and Index Server is included with Windows Server.

Server Requirements

Windows 2008 Server or Windows 20012 Server
Minimum 1Gb RAM
Minimum 200mb free drive space for SentryFile Software.
(NOTE: Windows Home, Pro, or other operating systems primarily designed as client workstation operating systems  strongly discouraged as a server platform,  and definitely NOT recommended for a production "real world" environment.)

Client Requirements

Windows XP or later
Internet Explorer 7.0 or later(full functionality). (other browsers supported with limited functionality)


SentryFile has been fully tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 and later. We recommend Internet Explorer for use with SentryFile. Other browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari will have limited functionality within the system. Specifically, the document scanning and preview will not function because browsers other than Internet Explorer do not support ActiveX web controls. These controls are used to provide the scanning and preview functionality. Virtually any browser will work for searching and system management. If you have concerns about browser support we strongly recommend that you download our 30-Day Trial version and test with your browser.

Calculating Storage Space Required

To determine the hard disk storage space required for your implementation of SentryFile, we recommend the following formula:


  • Size of typical 8.5X11 page scanned at 300dpi: approximately 50 Kilobytes
  • Typical number of pages in a 4-drawer letter size filing cabinet: approximately 12,000

Next, count the number of 4-drawer (or equivalent) filing cabinets in your operation. Then, use the formula below to determine the amount of hard drive space required:

   50Kb   X   12,000   X   #Cabinets   
   =      Storage required in Gigabytes.

Please ensure that you also include appropriate room for growth over the expected lifetime of the hard drive storage to accommodate future demand.

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