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SentryFile Route Connector for KYOCapture

Add MFP-Integrated Document Capture to your SentryFile System

CutCom Software Inc. is proud to announce the release of the "SentryFile Route Connector" for Kyocera KYOCapture and KYOCapture Express. KYOCapture is the full-service document capture software for companies that want to better manage their paper and electronic documents while improving productivity, security and compliance.

Works with any SentryFile Document Management Version 5 Edition

The SentryFile Route Connector will work with SentryFile Professional, Small Business, Corporate and Enterprise Editions equally well.  This means that even smaller organizations can benefit from the features of the KYOCapture product.

How It Works

KYOCapture is used to create custom documents "processes". These processes consist of a "Capture" component (e.g. Kyocera MFP), one or more "Process" components (e.g. OCR, Barcode), and a "Route" component (e.g. SentryFile Document Management). This allows you to build a custom document process based on your needs, then finally route the document into a filing cabinet in your SentryFile Document Management System.


The SentryFile Route Connector for KYOCapture is available FREE of charge!


SentryFile Route Connector

Instructions (PDF)


Support for the SentryFile Route Connector is available through the SentryFile Support Website.  Use the “Support Forum” and post any questions you may have in the most appropriate category. Please keep in mind that we do not support KYOCapture, rather we only support the SentryFile Route Connector itself.

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