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How SentryFile Works

Scan, store, retrieve and manage

The document management process involves 4 steps:

  1. Digitize your paper using a scanner.
  2. Index and file document in SentryFile.
  3. Find and retrieve your documents.
  4. Manage access to your documents.

Digitizing your documents

Use a document scanner to "image" your documents into SentryFile. "Imaging" your documents is the process of converting the paper into an electronic computer image.

File your documents

Filing your documents is the process of organizing and indexing your documents with important information. This way you can search on your index information to find your documents later.

Finding your documents

Find your documents using one of SentryFile's four high-performance search methods. You can perform quick searches to locate documents, full-text searches to search the contents of your documents, or index searches to perform advanced queries. Once you've found your document you can perform a variety of actions on it including view, revise, email, print, and many more.

Manage access

Share certain documents with your co-workers while keeping other documents private. You can give individuals, or groups of users access to specific parts of your digital document library. You can even prevent specified features such as printing, scanning, emailing etc. Audit access to your documents using the integrated logging feature of SentryFile.

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