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Instantly Deploy with SentryFile's Web-Based Interface

SentryFile's 100% Web-Based graphical user interface means that deployment across your organization is easy. This means fewer steps for your IT staff, and a smoother implementation.

Automate Your Business Processes Using Advanced Workflows

SentryFile Enterprise Edition features advanced Workflow capabilities that allow yout to route documents throughout your organization while maintaining the ability to track their progress and subscribe to email notifications on their status.

Authenticate Against Your Existing Windows Domain

SentryFile allows you to authenticate users against an existing Windows Domain via Active Directory. This means fewer lost passwords. Don't have a Windows Domain? No problem, SentryFile has a built in user management infrastructure.

Authenticate Against FTP/POP/IMAP Servers

SentryFile allows you to authenticate your users against another server in your IT infrastructure. Use FTP, POP Email or IMAP Email servers to act as authentication sources for your users.

Automated Document Capture with ZoneOCR, Barcode and Database Lookup Capabilities

SentryFile's AutoCapture feature (Corporate and Enterprise Editions only) allows completely automated document capture for your business documents. Utilize the highly accurate Barcode and ZoneOCR capabilities capture information from your documents automatically. Populate index fields by performing database lookups against existing data repositories.

Easy Management With Ultra Intuitive Graphical User Interface

You don't need to be an experienced system administrator to manage this software. SentryFile was designed to be managed by non-technical users. Our Graphical User Interface makes it easy to perform administrative tasks, and our extensive use of Wizards guide you through each step of the management process.

Leverage The Power of Microsoft IIS

SentryFile is built upon the enterprise class Microsoft Internet Information Server (included with Windows Server). IIS is a stable and proven platform for web-based applications. SentryFile is written in the leading edge ASP.net platform by Microsoft. The platform is quickly becoming the preferred platform for web applications because of it's flexibility and reliability.

Heavy Duty Full-Text Search Engine

SentryFile uses Microsoft Index Server (included with Windows) as its full-text search engine. SentryFile implements advanced Fuzzy Logic search technologies to provide accurate search results across virtually all document types.

Advanced Full-Text and Zone OCR Technology

Locate highly relevant documents by searching on their contents. SentryFile can Full-Text OCR documents to create text searchable documents. Zone OCR can virtually eliminate the need to type index field information.

Industry Standard Database Options

SentryFile comes with Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition as a backend database to store your index information. Optionally you can migrate your system to a full version of Microsoft SQL Server as your organization grows.

Convert Scanned Documents to PDF Format

SentryFile can convert your scanned documents to industry standard Acrobat PDF format. This offers peace of mind that your documents will be available to you in a non-proprietary industry recognized format.

Print to PDF Format from Virtually Any Windows Application

The SentryFile Satellite (included with SentryFile) can convert any document to PDF format so that you can file it in SentryFile. This means you can easily create PDF copies of your documents for storage within SentryFile. No need to print and scan documents that are already in electronic format. With the SentryFile Virtual Printer we skip those steps!

Web Based

Familiar environment for most users, very little training required. Can be accessed/administered anywhere in the world or restricted to your local network.

Per Server Licensing:

No limitations on the number of users that can access the system. No limitations on the number of documents/cabinets.

Supports All File Types:

Files of any format can be uploaded and stored to the system. This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Audio, Video – any format!

System Messages:

Communicate information across all users using the “System Messages” feature.

Flexible User Rights:

User rights allow fine control over what users can and cannot do within the system.

Personal Bookshelf:

Allows users to store frequently referenced documents quickly and easily from their homepage.

Inline Help Documents:

Help documentation is located throughout the application, user simply clicks the nearest “?” icon for help on the current feature.

Personalized Corporate License:

Create your own corporate license for your users. Users are presented with a statement of what is considered proper use of the system. They must agree to the terms before entering the system.

Advanced Query Interface:

Returns extremely relevant search results because concise searches can be formulated.

11 Different Index Field Types:

Create index fields that enforce specific types of data. E.g. Email Address, Date, Yes/No and many more.

Lookup Field Support:

Index fields can contain a series of possible values that the user must select. Ensures data is entered correctly.

Saved Searches:

Allows the user to save frequently performed searches so that they can be quickly accessed in the future.

Full Text Search:

Search for documents based on the text contained within. Supported file types include Microsoft Office Documents, HTML, plain text and OCR’d PDF. Intelligent fuzzy logic search technology.

Cross Cabinet Searches:

Search for documents across any number of cabinets. Search your entire document library instantly.

Document Thumbnails:

Easily identify documents by their thumbnail image directly from your search results.

Browse feature:

Allows users to conveniently browse through cabinets.

Email Document:

Email document directly out of the application, or use Microsoft Outlook with our Outlook Integration tool.


Annotate any record within the system to contain up-to-the-minute information about a record which does not necessarily apply to the defined index fields.

Twain Support:

Supports Twain-compatible scanners. Currently the largest image acquisition standard.

Scan-To-Email Support:

Use your “Scan-To-Email” compatible devices to send document into SentryFile.

Scan-To-FTP Support:

Scan directly to user inboxes from your “Scan-To-FTP” compatible devices.

Scan-To-Folder Support:

Scan directly to user inboxes from your “Scan-To-Folder” compatible devices.


Removes faint imperfections (dots) from scanned documents.


Straightens crooked scanned pages.

Page Rotation:

Allows scanned images to be rotated to correct for errors incurred in the scanning process.

Append Page:

Allows users to easily combine scans to one file.

Full-Text OCR:

Allows scanned documents to be OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) so that they may be retrieved by searching on the words within the documents.

Zone OCR:

Build indexes by recognizing key information within your documents.

Delete Page:

Allows users to easily remove unwanted (or blank) scanned pages.

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